Q & A with Colin Keane

We caught up with this seasons record breaking and Champion Jockey ahead of the Flat Season Finale here at Naas this Sunday 31st October. 


Did you always want to be a Jockey?

I was interested in horses from a very young age as I was brought up around them. Then when I stared pony racing that’s where I realised I really wanted to be a jockey.

How did you start working for Ger Lyons?

There was an apprentice race in Dundalk and my agent rang me to tell me that I would be riding for Ger and he wanted me to come in and ride out and sit on the horse. I haven't left since!

How did it feel to break the record this season?

It was an unbelievable feeling and probably a sense of relief that we did it.

Any plans for the winter season?

No not really going to ride away at Dundalk until Christmas and then take a break in new year .

For you, what has been your career highlight so far?

My career highlight would have to be Siskin winning the 2000 Guineas. Giving Ger and myself are first classic. That’s a day I’ll never forget .

If you weren’t a jockey what would you be?

If I wasn’t a jockey I’d possibly try and be a chief. I like my food!

 If you could win any race what would it be?

I think it would have to be the Epsom Derby.

How do you manage your weight for riding?

I try to keep an eye on what I eat and during the summer when where busy with racing and the weather is good that’s a big help for me.

Out of all the tracks you have visited worldwide where is your favorite?

The curragh, it’s the home of Irish racing and a very fair track the best horse usually wins.

As you are already Champion and broke the record what will you aim for next season? 

We start each year to try and beat the previous years tally. So I’m not sure that be will possible next year but Weil just have to see how we get on.

How will you celebrate your amazing achievements this season?

We are of to America the day after she season ends for the Breeders Cup. So we will have to put the celebrations off for a couple of weeks but when we get a chance we will have a bit of a party and enjoy ourselves. 

Who has been your favorite horse to ride?

My favorite horse to ride was probably Siskin he was very straight forward and such an easy horse to ride

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