Q & A with Amanda Torrens of Barberstown Castle

We are thrilled to welcome one of Ireland's most historic country houses, Barberstown Castle as sponsors here at Naas next Saturday, 12th November at our Return of the Jumps meeting.  

The sponsorship association further cements Barberstown Castle's loyal support to Irish racing and indeed equestrian sport in general, where it has an association going back almost 750 years.

We caught up with Amanda Torrens of Barberstown Castle for a quick Q&A ahead of the day. 


1. When did you buy Barberstown Castle and what enticed you to buy it?

We were lucky enough to purchase Barberstown Castle in October 2021. While I’m a proud Donegal woman, I consider Kildare to be my second home and always had strong links in the county. Where better could you buy than Barberstown Castle, “Straffan’s Hidden Gem”.

2. You have been hugely supportive of such a vital charity in The Coast To The Curragh Cycle in memory of Pat Smullen by sponsoring this race with the profits going directly to the charity. It was a unique auction item, you must be delighted to associated with such a fantastic event?

We were delighted to be associated with such a worthy event. I think that every family in Ireland can relate to the devastating effect of cancer on our society. If our support can go a small way towards research and in helping those effected, we are only but too delighted to do so.

3. Do you find sponsoring with the 3 racecourses in the thoroughbred County of Kildare increase your business from the racing community, horse tourism and bloodstock industry?

The support that Barberstown Castle has received from doing so has been incredible. We believe that Barberstown Castle is ideally located within our thoroughbred county and has increased business throughout the year and hopefully into the future as we develop our services.

4. Have you always had an interest in racing?

Yes, I always had a very keen interest in the sport, through racing I have had the privilege of meeting many new acquaintances and built lifelong friendships.

5. What other interests do you have in the equine industry?

My interests began from childhood,  I have a strong involvement throughout the equine world, I'm an IPS judge and vice chairperson of council. I have horses competing in showing, racing, eventing and we run a thoroughbred breeding programme in Kildare. My latest venture is that of Equine Salt Therapy - https://equinehalosalttherapy.com/ which is receiving alot of positive feedback amongst all disciplines, enhancing the overall health and well being of horses and ponies. 

6.What is your favourite race meeting?

How could I possibly answer this? We are blessed to have such fabulous racetracks on our doorstep and moreover spoilt for choice for a good day’s racing in Kildare.

7. As an owner what race would you like to win?

As we all know in horse racing the highs are high and the lows are low but for me a win in any race is an achievement.

8. Any plans for Barberstown Castle coming up in the future?

In the last year, our focus has been to build our team and our future focus is on enhancing our customer experience.

9. Tell us some of the challenges in the hotel industry at the minute?

Challenges are what make life and business interesting. As a team we will overcome any hurdles put in our way and always try to be the first past the post.

10. Who do you think will win the Barberstown Castle Chase on Saturday?
To this question, I’ll leave the answer up to the experts and tipsters but on behalf of our team at Barberstown Castle we wish them all the best of luck and a safe trip home.


Find out more about Barberstown Castle or to book a stay visit www.barberstowncastle.ie.

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