ARKequine support Stable Staff and subsidise the Groom’s Canteen at Naas Racecourse

Naas Racecourse are proud to partner with scientifically-driven equine company ARKequine. Over the course of the year, the feed and supplements business will subsidise the Groom’s Canteen and will also act as a dual sponsor by supporting both national hunt and flat racing throughout 2022

It is ARKequine’s belief that a good foundation starts with excellent nutrition both on and off the track and that’s why ARKequine has teamed up with nearby Nass Racecourse to support the hard-working stable staff behind many of our race heroes.

ARKequine offer veterinary-formulated, high-performance nutritional supplements, feed and horse care products. Its broad spectrum of products is specially designed to meet every life stage of the performance horse from broodmares, stallions, and foals right up to the young performance and older horse.

Kirsty McCann, ARKequine Nutritional Manager UK and Ireland commented: “We are delighted at ARKequine to be involved in this fantastic sponsorship with Naas Racecourse for 2022. It is important to acknowledge all those involved in getting a horse to the track and, whilst we appreciate products like ours play a key role, it is the stable staff who look after these animals who truly make the difference. By subsidising the Grooms Canteen for 2022 it is our way of saying thank you to those key personnel and we are very grateful to the team at Naas for allowing us this great opportunity”.

Eamonn McEvoy, General Manager at Naas Racecourse commented: “We are thrilled to partner with ARKequine. What a fantastic sponsorship they have commenced here at Naas Racecourse. Subsidising the Grooms Canteen shows the valued support to our industry’s key stake holders. Huge thanks to ARKequine, we are really looking forward to working with the team and growing the partnership.”

Bernard Caldwell, Chairman of the Irish Stable Staff Association also commented on the announcement: “Huge thank you must go to Naas Racecourse and a special thank you to ARKequine for stepping forward and supporting stable staff. ARKequine subsidising the Grooms Canteen is a wonderful acknowledgment of all stable staff who are the backbone of the industry.”

Naas Racecourse will host 20 racemeetings in 2022. ARKequine will subsidise the Grooms Canteen on 18 racemeetings and existing race sponsors will be sponsoring the Grooms Canteen on two separate occasions. The next racemeeting at Naas Racecourse will be their January Jump fixture which takes place on Sunday 30th January.

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